15 Ton Marijuana Drug Bust in California

The second largest weed bust in the history of the U.S. was made last week at a U.S. border crossing.  In 2013, the first shipment crossed into Southern California from Mexico weighing about 35,265 pounds equivalent to 17.6 tons. According to CNN news the second drug bust was brought in by a truck labeled “Mattresses and Cushions”.  The truck crossed the border from Mexico to California at Otay Mesa in San Diego. When the United States Customs and Border Patrol police officer x-rayed the cargo bay and he saw objects that did not look right. When the officer opened the cargo doors what he saw left him shocked. There was weed wrapped into plastic packages from the floor to the ceiling. A total of 1,296 packages weighing 31,598 pounds, which has a street value of $18.96 million.

According to the DEA, Federal investigations and prosecutions usually involve hundreds of pounds of marijuana. The Southwest Border Initiative has been in operation since 1994. SWBI is a cooperative effort based law enforcement agency that combats substantial threat posed by Mexico-based trafficking groups that operate along the border.  The DEA’s belief is that the only way to successfully beat any organized crime would be to syndicate strong cases against leadership and their command and control functions. For example, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman was the head of the Sinaloa Cartel until his arrest in 2014. El Chapo was the number one supplier of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamines to the U.S.  Guzman was one of the richest and most powerful men in the world according to Forbes.

News Week published an article where an important figure in the Sinaloa cartel working indirectly for the boss El Chapo became an informant. Many do it to spare their lives because they all know that if they don’t end up in prison they will eventually end up dead. After many attempts to capture Guzman the help of an informant was what made it possible to capture the world’s most powerful drug dealer. But, even in jail Guzman still manages to run his empire. There are still many individuals in charge of trafficking drugs from country to country and from city to city.

Illegal Drug sales is classified as the act of selling or commercially distributing illegal drugs or controlled substances. Drug trafficking is defined as the selling, manufacturing, growing, delivering, or possessing more than a certain amount of a controlled substance. The amount of the substance that needs to be involved in order to label it a trafficking charge depends on the substance. Drug trafficking is considered to be the most severe and punishable offense with regard to the illegal sale of drugs.

In the United States, the suppliers for methamphetamines are traditionally independent groups or perhaps even motorcycle gangs. The smuggling of methamphetamine is mainly controlled by the same major organizations that dominate the production and distribution of illicit drugs form Mexico into the United States. These organizations have groups working for them in approximately every state. Therefore, every single person involved can also be charged with possession, distribution or manufacturing any controlled substances according to the amount in possession.

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