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The Very First Questions
1.  Am I going to be Indicted?
2.  Can you stop the indictment?
3.  Am I going to Jail?
4.  We have never hired a federal criminal defense attorney;

How can we get your firm to represent us?
5.  I am in Jail, can you get me out?

After a thorough conversation, our firm will be able to answer most of your questions.  Any remaining concerns can be addressed with some investigation and correspondence with the prosecuting branch of government.

Who and what do we represent?
     1.  Individuals during pre-indictment, indictment, trial, and the         
          appellate process.    
     2.  Companies during all stages of investigation (particularly with    
          regard to Fraud Investigations).



Priority 1- keep you out of prison and/or keep you in business

Priority 2- keep the criminal justice system from ruining you and your family

The attorneys at The Mace Firm are dedicated to representing clients in all Federal Courts and many State Courts. We have offices in Florida, and South Carolina. Our federal criminal defense lawyers represent individuals and corporations on Federal Indictments throughout the United States.  We also arrange agreements that can prevent an indictment from being billed by a grand jury. We are willing to represent individuals from pre-indictment through the appellate process all across the United States and in foreign countries.

We understand the extreme trauma one experiences during a criminal accusation and we fight for the best possible result for our client. Whether we must take the case to trial, attempt to get the case dismissed or reach some other resolution, we will make every effort to resolve your case in the best possible way. We make every effort to guide our clients through the process while educating our clients about the criminal justice system.

The criminal trial lawyers at The Mace Firm provide an exceptional level of professional legal services and personal attention to our clients. You can contact our office via email or at 1-800-94-TRIAL.

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