Sigma Alpha Epsilon latest scandal

On March 9, 2015, The University of Oklahoma gave Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity house 24 hours to move out after a nine-second video was released yesterday on Twitter. According to CNN News, the video shows students on a bus, clapping, … Continue reading

15 Ton Marijuana Drug Bust in California

The second largest weed bust in the history of the U.S. was made last week at a U.S. border crossing.  In 2013, the first shipment crossed into Southern California from Mexico weighing about 35,265 pounds equivalent to 17.6 tons. According … Continue reading

Weeks later the murder trial continues for Aaron Hernandez

Federal criminal lawyer discusses the murder trial of the New England Patriots Aaron Hernandez. For months Hernandez has been under investigation for orchestrating the death of Odin Lloyd a semi-pro football player. According to Fox Sports, on the evening of … Continue reading

Criminal Defense lawyer discuss murder charges

On Dec 19, 2014, Delani Franklin Simmons, a 22 year old man showed up to the Summerville Medical Center with a gunshot wound. Upon his arrival, an investigation began, Simmmons was later charged in connection with the murder of Earnes … Continue reading

Writing An Effective Appellate Brief

When preparing to draft an appellate brief, every good appellate lawyer in South Carolina knows how important it is to narrow the issues down for the actual brief.  While an appellate attorney in SC may research many issues when reviewing … Continue reading

Myrtle Beach Attorneys Discuss Horry County Murder Cases

On Monday, the couple being accused of kidnapping and murdering Heather Elvis was denied bond following a two-hour hearing. The prosecution revealed additional evidence to the judge, including a timeline of events from the night Heather was last seen, text … Continue reading

Can You be a Student and a Criminal?

What if the person next to you in your college biology class was an ex-criminal? Often times, colleges are unaware of criminal backgrounds of applicants. To help with this issue, some college applications require the prospective student to admit their … Continue reading

Criminal Defense Attorney on Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial

Oscar Pistorius was well known for his struggle with fibular hemimelia as an Olympic medalist.  Pistorius was born without a fibula in both legs and prior to turning one year old, he had both legs amputated between his knees and … Continue reading

NY Knicks Point Guard Arrested on Gun Charges

In the midst of his ninth NBA season, New York Knicks point guard Raymond Felton is definitely in the spotlight.  However, the attention isn’t because he’s such a great athlete and basketball player, it’s because he has found himself in … Continue reading

Drug-Makers Have Criminal Records

Retail stores all over the nation offer various types of supplements for consumers to purchase.  From natural sleep aids to diet pills, there is likely a supplement for every ailment.  What makes these supplements different than the ones you can … Continue reading

Hazing Death Ruled Homicide

South Carolina criminal lawyer discusses hazing deaths and criminal charges.  We have all heard of hazing rituals that are performed by fraternities and sororities as part of an initiation process for new or prospective members.  Sometimes, hazing rituals are focused … Continue reading

Amanda Knox Guilty Verdict Reinstated

Criminal defense attorneys for Amanda Knox have a tough road ahead after the Italian court has reinstated the guilty verdict in her case.  Along with reinstating the verdict, the court increased her prison sentence to 28.5 years.  Over two years … Continue reading

Need to Hire a Federal Criminal Attorney?

It is true: each and every year, thousands of American people who appear to be upstanding and responsible end up serving time in federal prison.  Why?  Simply because they are unaware that they are in violation of federal law.  This … Continue reading

Welfare Fraud Charge for “Octomom”

38 year old mother of 14, Nadya Suleman, also known to the public as “Octomom,” is being charged with welfare fraud.  Prosecutors in Los Angeles are charging her with welfare fraud after she allegedly earned $30,000 from appearances and working … Continue reading

Criminal Charges for Ex-Cops and Authorities

In New York City, criminal defense lawyers should being to prepare their arguments for a newly-discovered scheme involving former police officers, firefighters and city workers.  Allegedly, over 100 former workers have been fraudulently collecting disability pay for several years.  Some … Continue reading

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Knock Out Game Case

Criminal defense lawyers across the country are learning of a new crime called the “knock out game.”  The “game” typically involves an unsuspecting pedestrian who is targeted, quickly pursued and then punched extremely hard.  The game has been growing in … Continue reading

Criminal Defense Lawyers and Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing is a new, technology-driven way to gather information.  It is necessary for criminal defense lawyers to be aware of the new ways authorities are catching criminals.  Crowdsourcing is used when information is needed and can be obtained easier by … Continue reading