Criminal Defense Lawyer Defends Texas Boy Charged with Manslaughter

Some of us have never heard the term “affluenza” until this week when a young Texas man appeared before a judge at his sentencing hearing.  Ethan Couch is 16 years old and apparently suffers from affluenza – growing up with … Continue reading

Criminal Defense Lawyers Defend Cyber Criminals

As more and more people all over the world discover ways to fool victims using a computer, criminal defense lawyers should brush up on their knowledge of cyber crimes. Cyber crimes can be categorized in three different ways according to … Continue reading

Federal Criminal Lawyers and Warantless Surveillance

News comes week for federal criminal lawyers regarding cases in which the government used evidence against defendants that was obtained through the warrantless surveillance program and amendments to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).  This comes after a government’s advocate … Continue reading

Rod Blagojevich Appeal

Ex-governor Rod Blagojevich hired a federal appeal lawyer to file an appeal with the Seventh US Circuit Court of Appeals.  Blagojevich was sentenced to 14 years in prison after the federal government spent years trying to win a conviction against … Continue reading

Myrtle Beach Man Guilty of Wire Fraud

The man behind one of Myrtle Beach’s most costly real estate scams is being sentenced in federal court this week; he will be charged with one felony count of wire fraud.  70-year old Duwayne Woods may face a prison sentence … Continue reading

Appellate Lawyer for BP Petitions for Dismissal

Appellate lawyer for BP oil company is now petitioning the appeals panel to dismiss the whole settlement, partially due to a high number of applicants for settlement funds.  For businesses, settlement advances has been “capped” at $100,000.  Since the announcement … Continue reading

FBI Adds to Most-Wanted List

Criminal defense lawyer on cyber criminals.  Internet hackers are everywhere, lurking in the shadows of the world wide web.  That is, until the FBI finds them.  This week, the FBI has added one to its list:  former San Diego college … Continue reading

Mentally Ill Bank Robber Sentenced to 10 Years

Criminal defense lawyer on defending mentally ill client.  Two summers ago, something snapped inside William Clary as he walked into a Chase Bank location in Dallas.  As it would be later discovered, this was not the first time that Clary … Continue reading

Federal Appeals Court and Stop-Frisk Policy

US District Judge Shira Scheindlin ruled earlier this year that New York Police Department’s stop-and-frisk policy is discriminatory to minorities.  In August, the Judge decided that the city was violating the civil rights of “tens of thousands” of black and … Continue reading

Can Insider Trading be a Civil Crime?

As we are aware, buying and selling stocks based on inside information which has not been disclosed to the public is illegal.  However, there are different penalties for insider trading including a civil penalty or a criminal penalty.  The civil penalty … Continue reading

Federal Appeal to Forcibly Medicate

In February 2011, Gary Mikulich planted an explosive device outside the McNamara Federal Building in Detroit.  That device was detonated by a Detroit police bomb squad the following month after a security guard stored the device in the building for … Continue reading

Federal Appeal for SmartMetric

SmartMetric is the owner of issued patent 464.  This patent is subject of a patent infringement case which claims damages from Visa and MasterCard in the amount of $14.5 billion.  SmartMetric has moved forward this week by filing a notice of federal appeal … Continue reading

Cantaloupe Case Leads to Need for Federal Criminal Lawyer

In 2011, several people in 28 states came down with a terrible illness after consuming cantaloupe grown by Eric and Ryan Jansen.  The cantaloupes were contaminated with listeria and lead to an outbreak which caused 33 deaths and sickened 147.  … Continue reading

Federal Appeals Court and BP Oil Spill

In April 2010, oil company BP had a real crisis on their hands.  Their Deepwater Horizon oil platform had exploded, killing 11 workers and releasing about four million barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico.  It was the worst … Continue reading

Stricter Drug Laws Reduce Violence?

Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley is making attempts to battle the year’s increase in crime.  O’Malley feels that the decline in levels of enforcement has lead to the increase in shootings and homicides in the Baltimore area.  Those in opposition of … Continue reading

Lansing Casino Argument in Federal Appeals Court

In 2012, the attorney general in Michigan sued to put a stop to a building project proposed by the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa.  The tribe proposed to build a tribal casino in downtown Lansing.  This month, the tribe … Continue reading

FL Man Indicted for Attempted Murder of Judge

Federal criminal lawyer discusses man indicted for attempted murder of a Judge.  In late June, an unknown man fired a high-powered rifle into federal Judge Timothy Corrigan’s home.  Luckily, the bullet missed the judge by inches and he survived the attack … Continue reading