White Collar Crime

Criminal defense attorneys know that white collar crime is a term for crimes involving bank fraud, blackmail, bribery, cellular phone fraud, computer fraud, counterfeiting, credit card fraud, currency schemes, embezzlement, environmental schemes, extortion, forgery, health care fraud, insider trading, insurance fraud, investment schemes, kickbacks, larceny/theft, money laundering, racketeering, securities fraud, tax evasion, telemarketing fraud, and welfare fraud. Our good criminal defense lawyers have experience in defending white collar crimes in federal and state court.

White collar crime is nonviolent and involves deception. Most people who commit a white collar crime are caught because they leave a paper trail of evidence. Depending on which type of law is broken, state or federal, these crimes can be prosecuted at the state or federal level. If you are convicted of any of these crimes, you stand to spend time in jail, pay large fines, and you will probably have to pay restitution to the victim. It is important that if you are charged with a white collar crime that you contact a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Federal white collar crimes are extremely complex. You will need someone who is experienced in the federal court system. Our Charleston criminal defense attorney has been defending companies and individuals in federal court for many years. If you or someone you know has been indicted or is worried that they may be indicted for a white collar crime, please call The Mace Firm to schedule a consultation with one of our Charleston criminal defense lawyers.

If you are indicted for a white collar crime you will need to hire a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Please call our Charleston criminal defense attorney to represent you.