Trial in 2011 Assault Begins

Criminal defense attorney discusses murder case.  While at his cousin’s birthday party in Conway near the Coastal Carolina University campus, 22 year old Kenall Williams died from being violently assaulted by Christopher Cooper. At the time of Williams’ death, Horry County police said officers arrived at the scene at about 4:15 a.m., where they found Williams in the house.  He was unconscious and not breathing. Williams died about an hour later while being treated at Conway Medical Center.

Cooper’s trial began this week in Horry County.  A jury of eight men and six women, including two men as alternates, took their seats on Monday to hear the case and to decide Cooper’s fate.
Testimony came from William’s cousin, Kelli, on Monday.  She testified that she was cleaning the kitchen after her birthday celebration and had been speaking with Cooper, who was an “associate,” but not a friend.  Cooper had attended the party with another invited guest. She said Cooper attacked Kendall Williams after another couple had been ushered out of the apartment following an argument.  Kelli revealed that Cooper appeared to be leaving as well, then he just turned around and hit Williams.  Williams was on the floor, in the fetal position to protect himself from the assault, as Cooper continued to kick him.  Kelli said Cooper looked as if he “was in a rage or a whole other zone, like he was intending to do this the whole entire time.”  The fight was unwarranted because, according to authorities, Williams was asleep on the couch when Cooper started attacking him.  Witnesses said another man stopped the assault and Cooper left the apartment, but Kendall Williams had trouble breathing and then went unconscious before police and EMS arrived.
Also yesterday during the trial, prosecutors told the jurors that Cooper had disliked Williams and used the birthday gathering as an opportunity to take out his aggression on the him.  Prosecutors also mentioned that Williams was gay, another reason it is believed Cooper did not like Williams.  Recent articles related to this story do not reveal the identity of Cooper’s criminal defense attorney.
Prior to his arrest and subsequent murder charge, Cooper was a football player for Greensboro College.  The school released this statement following Cooper’s arrest:  “Chris Cooper is a student in good standing at Greensboro College. The incident in which he has been charged took place over the weekend, out of state, and we have no first-hand information about it; therefore, it would be inappropriate for the college to comment on the charges. This is a tragedy, and our thoughts and prayers are with both families.”
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