Amanda Knox Guilty Verdict Reinstated

Criminal defense attorneys for Amanda Knox have a tough road ahead after the Italian court has reinstated the guilty verdict in her case.  Along with reinstating the verdict, the court increased her prison sentence to 28.5 years.  Over two years ago, the Italian court found that Knox and her ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito were not guilty in the murder of Knox’s roommate, Meredith Kercher.  Knox was sent back to the United States following the verdict, and she expected to be able to move on with her life.  However, she knew that there was a chance that the court would order a third trial in the case.

Defense lawyers for Knox plan to appeal to Italy’s highest court, but they know that the appeals process could take a very long time to complete.  And then there is the notion of double jeopardy since she is being retried after an acquittal.  But Knox’s criminal defense attorneys dismiss that notion because her acquittal had never been finalized by the Italian court system.  A new prosecutor has been assigned to the trail and is arguing that the violence which lead to the murder stemmed from tension between the two females.  According to the prosecutor, Knox and Kercher were having arguments about cleanliness, and the “final spat” was triggered by an un-flushed toilet by a man named Rudy Guede.  Guede was actually convicted in a separate trial for this murder, but was found to have not acted alone.  He is serving a 16 year sentence.  Whether or not Knox will be extradited to Italy will be up to the US State Department.

Whether or not the US public believes Knox’s story of her innocence is up in the air.  Below are some interesting facts surrounding the crime:

1. Amanda lied about Kercher’s door-locking habits.  When postal police went to the home regarding a found mobile phone, Amanda and Raffaele showed the officer around the home.  The mobile phone had been found in a backyard and it belonged to Kercher; there had allegedly been a burglary earlier that day.  When the officer got to Kercher’s room, he noted that the door was locked; but Amanda assured him that Kercher always locks her door.  However, when another flatmate arrives at the home to find Kercher’s door locked, she panics and demands the door be forced open.  It was later learned that Amanda and Raffaele had attempted several times to gain access to the locked room before calling an emergency phone number.  It is unclear if those calls were made before or after the postal officer had visited the home.

2.  Based on evidence, the calls appear to have been made after the officer left the home.  The calls were allegedly made by Raffaele to inform authorities of the burglary and to let them know that Amanda had seen some blood in the home.

3.  The knife which was found in Raffaele’s apartment contained DNA from two people:  DNA from Kercher on the blade and DNA from Knox on the handle.  In addition to that, Knox’s blood was also found mixed with Kercher’s blood at the scene.

4.  Raffaele’s DNA was found on Kercher’s bra hook.  This evidence was found during a second search of the crime scene.

5.  In the small bathroom right near Kercher’s room, four drops of Kercher’s blood was found along with one drop of Amanda’s.  No DNA from Raffaele was found in this location.

6.  The burglary appears to be staged because there is glass on top of items strewn about the room.  This is an indication that the broken window allegedly used by the intruder as an entry point was broken after the room was ransacked.

7.  There was a pillow found under Kercher’s body with a bloody shoe print.  The prosecution and the defense disagree with who that shoe print belongs to.  One side says the shoe mark is from the same size shoe as Knox, but the other side contents that the print came from a larger shoe likely worn by a male.

8.  Guede’s DNA was found on Kercher’s hand bag, on Kercher’s sweatshirt and inside her vagina.

The Italian court feels they have the right person behind bars for this crime, but evidence is pointing to a second or third attacker.  It will be up to the criminal defense team of Amanda Knox to prove her innocence, once again.

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