FBI Adds to Most-Wanted List

Criminal defense lawyer on cyber criminals.  Internet hackers are everywhere, lurking in the shadows of the world wide web.  That is, until the FBI finds them.  This week, the FBI has added one to its list:  former San Diego college student, Carlos Enrique Perez-Melara.  Melara was born in El Salvador and was on a student visa to attend school in the United States in the early 2000’s.  In 2003, Melara began selling a unique product over the internet which lead to a 2005 federal indictment with his name all over it.  Melara was added to the most wanted list because he has been nearly impossible to capture.  If the authorities do find him, Melara will likely need to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer to assist with the case against him.

Melara developed a spying program called Loverspy which he sold to customers online for $89.  The program was designed to catch suspected cheaters and would send the target, or cheater, an email with an e-card attached.  If the person opened the attachment, Melara’s program would then install malware that would capture emails and instant messages from that person’s device.  The program could even spy on someone using their own webcam.

What is scary about this type of case that that “these are sophisticated folks who know how to hide themselves on the Internet,” according to an agent in the cyber division at the FBI.  That division is focused on taking down these types of “hacking-for-hire” services.  Others were also added to the most wanted list for cyber crimes, some of which caused losses to consumers in excess of $100 million.  According to the FBI, they have always “depended on the public’s help and support to bring criminals to justice,” and they are still depending on the public to assist in catching the cyber criminals.

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