Criminal Defense lawyer discuss murder charges

On Dec 19, 2014, Delani Franklin Simmons, a 22 year old man showed up to the Summerville Medical Center with a gunshot wound. Upon his arrival, an investigation began, Simmmons was later charged in connection with the murder of Earnes Richmond and Shaquille Sanders, who were shot around 10:30p.m. on the same night Simmons went to the hospital, in a garage on Brailsford Boulevard in Summerville, South Carolina.

Simmons is now being charged with double homicide.

Three other men were also wounded that day in a shooting on Mason Street in Lincolnville, South Carolina. The Summerville County Sheriff’s Department is now investigating whether Simmons had anything to do with those shootings.

In situations like Simmons’s, he needs to hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer to handle his case.  One defense that Simmons could have is an alibi. If Simmons has a strong, clear and proven alibi, the attorney could possibly prove that Simmons was uninvolved in the crime that took place. Other common defenses are self-defense or insanity. Another very common defense is simply denying the charges. When the charge is denied by the suspect, defense lawyers can use alibis or witness statements to support the denial.


Sometimes, a criminal defense attorney may suggest, with the judge’s knowledge and permission, to negotiate a plea. Plea bargaining is used to lighten caseloads for courts. An example of this would be a suspect exchanging a guilty plea for a recommended sentence by the prosecutor. There are many opinions surrounding this widely-used practice. Those in opposition of plea bargaining feel that it puts the responsibility of determining guilt on the prosecutor instead of on the judge and/or jury. They may also feel that plea bargaining allows those who are guilty of a crime to receive lighter sentences.


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