High School Security Guards, Drugs

Peel Region police confirmed Tuesday that Kristijan Rados, 20, and Michael Wiszniewski, 19, were each charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking and breach of trust. Both men are from Mississauga. The two were allegedly selling marijuana to students on school property. The men worked as security guards and were hired to supervise students at a Mississauga high school as a result of work-to-rule action.

As part of work-to-rule action, Ontario secondary school teachers were to withdraw from all voluntary activities by December 10, arriving for classes no more than 15 minutes in advance and leaving after their final class, according to information posted by the OSSTF on their website.

David Hyde, a security consultant with Toronto-based David Hyde & Associates, said licensed security guards in Ontario are legally required to undergo a criminal background check and complete a basic 40-hour training course. “Once they’ve gone through those steps, the company is not legally bound to do any more screening at all,” Hyde said.

On December 4, authorities received a complaint from a parent of the school and the arrests were made shortly after. It is unclear whether or not the suspects have retained a criminal defense attorney.

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