Indictments for Violations of the Office of Foreign Asset Control

The United States Treasury Department is the prosecutorial branch of the government in charge of investigating the transfer of money and other assets to countries, companies, and or individuals that the United States Government has added to the specialy designated nationals list. This is a list ranging from possible terrorists organizations to countries such as CUBA, NORTH KOREA, and any country which the United States decides to impose trading restrictions. Many times the typical example is the transfer of money to CUBA via Cuban nationals in the United States, Lebanon via Muslim nationals, China via Chinese nationals, etc.. This is also an example of a violation of Trading with the Enemy Act. Many of these cases originate out of Washington D.C.. However, each individual United States Attorney office can prosecute OFAC violations in their respective district. We have defended many nationals in the Southern District of Florida for OFAC violations and trading with the enemy indictments. It is extremely important to understand the possible evidence that will be introduced in an OFAC case. Conspiracy is usually added to every indictment. Import – Export cities tend to have a higher amount of indictments for trading with enemy and OFAC violations. Cities such as Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Miami, Jacksonville and other ciites with high immigrant populations such as Detroit, Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, and Seattle are areas with the most alleged violations of OFAC. Russell Mace is licensed for many federal courts in these areas. We handle federal criminal defense cases throughout Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Michigan and many other states.