Myrtle Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer

Our Myrtle Beach criminal defense lawyer has a great amount of experience in federal and state courts. There are some various nuances to representing someone in South Carolina. The legal system is structured in a unique manner not familiar to many individuals outside of South Carolina. It is important to have an attorney that knows the “ins and outs” of the system. One of the major differences in South Carolina is that the prosecutor decides who to prosecute, where to prosecute and when to prosecute a case. They also get to pick the judge that hears the case for plea or trial. The county seat for Horry County is Conway, South Carolina. All felony trials are conducted in Conway while many misdemeanors or held in Myrtle Beach. There is an endless number of misdemeanor crimes that are charge in Myrtle Beach during the summer months. Many of these cases are resolved with both sides being satisfied with the out come. Our criminal defense lawyer in Myrtle Beach is able to handle many of these charges and has had some success in getting cases dismissed.

What to know if you are arrest in Myrtle Beach:

  • When you bond out, that money could be used to pay a fine if you fail to appear for court
  • Depending on your record many good defense lawyers in Myrtle Beach will be able to convince the prosecutor to allow you to enter a diversion program that will enable you to keep a clean record
  • There are several courthouses in the Myrtle Beach area and you will need to determine where your case will be heard
  • There are several areas of South Carolina law that are not covered by the State code and are instead addressed in city and county codes
  • There are several police departments in Horry County. Depending on the department can have an impact on how your case is resolved
  • The Solicitor’s office in Conway, South Carolina prosecutes all felony cases. Many misdemeanors are either prosecuted by the officer or a city attorney.

It is important to hire an experience criminal defense attorney in the Myrtle Beach area. Many vacationers are subject to prosecution without knowing their options. There are also a great deal of convictions because someone thought that by paying a fine the case would just “go away.” That is not the case and careers can be jeopardized by failing to hire a defense lawyer. Please call our criminal defense law office in Myrtle Beach to speak with one of our lawyers.