Myrtle Beach Man Guilty of Wire Fraud

The man behind one of Myrtle Beach’s most costly real estate scams is being sentenced in federal court this week; he will be charged with one felony count of wire fraud.  70-year old Duwayne Woods may face a prison sentence of up to 41 months at his sentencing hearing.  However, a charge of wire fraud carries a maximum penalty of 20 years, a $250,000 fine and 3 years of supervision upon release.  With the assistance of his federal criminal attorney, prosecutors decided to drop a second felony charge against Woods in exchange for his guilty plea earlier this year.  Even though the second charge was dropped, the judge at sentencing may consider it as relevant conduct.

His charge stems from two real estate projects which never got completed:  Bahama Island, which was supposed to be a condo and marina project located on the ICW, and Crystal Palace, which was supposed to be a tower of condos on the ocean.  Both projects had total deposits exceeding $5 million by purchasers, but Woods and his two co-conspirators stole those deposits and had been on the run.  The two men who acted as co-developers for the condo projects have already been sentenced for their roles in the scam, but Woods fled the area with over $2 million of the deposit money.

The FBI had spent several years in their investigation into the condo scandal and searching for Woods.  He was last seen in the area in 2007 until he was spotted loitering outside a public library in San Diego.  Once officers spoke with Woods, it was discovered that Woods was wanted in South Carolina.

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