Police Officer Arrested

An Horry County police officer was arrested for Driving Under the Influence near Glenns Bay Road just South of Myrtle Beach. DUI arrests are common place in the Myrtle Beach area, along with many other alcohol related violations. Public intoxication is a very common case for Myrtle Beach lawyers to defend. Many good lawyers in Myrtle Beach specialize in these types of cases in municipal and city courts.

The need for an attorney in this type of criminal case depends on the value it may have for the particular defendant. Many people do not care about having a conviction on their record, but many cannot afford the increase in the insurance and possible court fines for being found guilty of a DUI.
This particular Horry County officer (Parker) would do well to hire a reputable attorney to represent him in this case. He is now suspended without pay most likely and will need to get the case resolved as soon as possible. A good Myrtle Beach criminal lawyer could handle the case quickly for him.

A Myrtle Beach criminal lawyer will help with many DUI arrests. There are also lawyers in North Myrtle Beach that may help with this type of arrest.