Bank Fraud

Bank Fraud indictments are on the increase throughout the United States. In particular, the United States Attorney for South Carolina has increased the number of fraud investigations and has also increased the number of indictments that are accompanying these investigations. A good Charleston federal defense lawyer will be invaluable in defending this type of indictment. The are several defenses to bank fraud, but there must be a significant amount of effort in order for the defenses to work. The FBI will usually handle a bank fraud investigation and turn over the file to the Assistant United States Attorney for prosecution. Many times a good federal defense lawyer will be able to speak with the agent in advance of the indictment and seek another resolution to the the case out of the criminal justice system. There will be times when no criminal lawyer can prevent an indictment, but without trying, there will surely be an indictment. Many bank fraud cases cover a wide variety of conduct ranging from giving false information to actually fabricating checks. Our Charleston defense lawyers are experienced in defending bank fraud cases throughout the United States.