Assault and Battery

This a state charge in most cases. Many times this is a misdemeanor charge. However, in Florida and South Carolina the charge can be increased to a felony count. In South Carolina there are several charges:

  • ABWIK- Assault and Batter with Intent to Kill
  • ABHAM- Assault and Battery of a High and Aggravated Nature
  • Assault and Barttery on a Law Enforcement Officer

These charges can carry jail time if they are not defended properly. Our criminal defense attorneys in Charleston are experienced in defending assault and battery charges. We defend these charges all over South Carolina and Florida. We have criminal defense attorneys in Myrtle Beach and Miami. Call our office in Miami to speak to a criminal defense attorney in Miami at 305-532-3636. Call our office in South Carolina to speak to one of our Charleston criminal defense lawyers at 843-839-2900.

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