Drug Trafficking

State drug trafficking laws vary with each state. There is always a minimum amount of cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy, crystal meth, heroine or any other scheduled drug that must be possessed to reach the trafficking amount. The amount is usually evaluated in grams. No matter how the drugs are packaged, if there is a small amount then there is no trafficking charge. The law is based on a perception of how much of any drug can a person have for personal consumption. One gram of cocaine will never be considered a trafficking amount of drugs.

The following are minimum for trafficking amounts for each state:

Cocaine Marijuana Crack Heroin Ecstasy
South Carolina 10 grams 10 lbs 10 grams 4 grams 100 pills
Georgia 28 grams 10 lbs 10 grams 4 grams 100 pills
Florida 28 grams 25 lbs 28 grams 4 grams 100 pills