State Kidnapping charges can carry penalties up to life in prison. In many States kidnapping charges carry no bond and a special hearing must be set in order to request a bond. Many people feel that kidnapping is the classic taking of a person from their home and holding them in secret location against there will. This is not the modern definition of kidnapping. Kidnapping is easily proven by the testimony of one credible witness. One person testifying that they were held against there will can substantiate a kidnapping charge. The transportation of the person is not necessary in many jurisdictions. However, if a person is from one State to another, a federal kidnapping charge can be indicted. Our office has experience criminal defense lawyers that have defended many clients for kidnapping over the years. Many clients are charged with kidnapping during a domestic dispute or a child custody battle. Both provid a great defense. Call our office to speak to one of our attorneys. We defend clients all over the country.

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