Russell W. Mace III, Federal Criminal Defense Attorney


Our Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer in South Carolina – Russell Warren Mace III has been practicing criminal defense since 1997.  He travels to jurisdictions across the country and outside the United States to defend individuals and companies from the government.  Mr. Mace started his legal career as an intern at the Miami Public Defender’s Office in 1996 and was an Assistant Public Defender for several years in Miami, Florida. As a Public Defender in Miami, trial experience was a daily event.  Mr. Mace represented clients ranging from juvenile cases to murder.  Mr. Mace was so influential in Miami as a criminal defense attorney that he was selected as one of the best criminal defense lawyers in the State in 2007.  Mr. Mace has argued before appellate courts and has conducted over 100 trials to verdict.  Practicing criminal defense in different areas of the country has allowed Mr. Mace to gain invaluable experience with several government agencies from the Federal Bureau of Investigation to the Drug Enforcement Administration.  Each prosecuting branch has a different view on how crimes should be prosecuted.  Mr. Mace is well aware of these idiosyncrasies, and is constantly updating himself on the law and new practices in order to provide his clients the best representation possible.  For example, recently, in South Carolina, fraud indictments are the primary concern for the federal government.  Defending white collar crime cases has become a major area of practice for Mr. Mace given the economic down turn in recent years.  He is more than familiar with this area of the law and always fights to achieve the most favorable results for his clients.  Russell W. Mace III, founding member of the firm, is currently inactive in all jurisdictions.


  • Member of United States Supreme Court
  • Member of United States District Court for the Southern District of New York (Manhattan)
  • Member of United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York (Brooklyn)
  • Member of the Second Circuit Court of Appeals (New York, NY)
  • Member of Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals (Richmond, VA)
  • Member of Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals (Atlanta, GA)
  • Member of the United States Southern District Court, Miami
  • Member of the United States Eastern District Court, Detroit
  • Member of the United States District Court, South Carolina
  • Member of The Criminal Justice Act Panel, South Carolina
  • Prior Member of The Criminal Justice Act Panel, South District, Florida
  • Member of the Federal Bar Association
  • Member of New York Bar
  • Member of Florida Bar
  • Member of Georgia Bar
  • Member of South Carolina Bar (Inactive)
  • Member of Charleston Bar Association
  • Member of National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys
  • Member of South Carolina Criminal Defense Lawyer Association
  • 2007 voted one of top 25 Criminal Defense Attorneys in Florida
  • Over 100 cases tried to verdict
  • Adjunct Professor of Criminal Justice: College of Charleston