Myrtle Beach Shoplifter

I am a college student in Myrtle Beach.  My friends and I went to a department store in the mall over the weekend to shop for new summer clothes.  While we were there, we checked out all the newly released bathing suits and shorts, plus some designer handbags.  Since my friends and I are college juniors, our budgets were limited.  We definitely didn’t have enough money to spend on designer bags; unless Mom and Dad would foot the bill!  We each ended up buying a few items that day and ended up leaving the mall after we had some lunch in the food court.

Once we returned to our apartment, we all opened our shopping bags to display and try on our new clothes.  Everything was fine until one girl, Amanda, pulled out one of those designer bags we were eying at the store!  I thought we had all said that we couldn’t afford those bags, maybe she had extra money?  I was wrong in thinking that, because Amanda admitted to us that she had tucked the designer purse in her shopping bag on our way out of the store.  She actually stole a bag that’s worth over $200.00!  I wondered how often she shoplifted since none of us had any clue that she had taken the item until we got home.

I thought, how did Amanda even get away with this?  I had never stolen anything; I am way too scared to get caught and possibly arrested.  How embarrassing that would be; especially to a college student.

The next weekend, Amanda and I were alone in our apartment as the other two girls had gone home for the weekend.  She and I decided to go to the home-goods store to buy some summer decorations to surprise our roommates when they arrive back on Sunday.  We found some great items to purchase and loaded our card, then headed to the candle section of the store as our last stop.  Amanda told me to put these three jar candles in my bag, as she was going to do the same.  She told me that since we were going to make a purchase, no one would suspect that we had these candles hidden in our purses.

I decided to make the move and go for it.  She does it all the time and never gets caught; so I thought, what would be the harm in me trying it out?  Once we had loaded our purses with the candles, we made our way to the check out counter to pay for the other things we had picked up.  I felt alright about this because Amanda also had candles in her purse.  I thought that if we got in trouble, at least we’d be together.

Boy was I wrong!  Amanda and I paid for our items and she told me that she needed to use the restroom before we left the store.  I told her okay, sort of forgetting that I had stolen items in my possession.  As I walked toward the exit with my cart full of shopping bags, I heard the store alarm start to sound.  It was so loud, but I kept walking.  A store employee caught up with me in the parking lot and checked my receipt with the items, then she noticed that my purse looked a little swollen.  That is when she asked me to empty my bag, revealing the stolen candles.  Amanda apparently saw the whole thing going down, and put her candles back so that she wouldn’t get in trouble like me.

The store employee asked me to come back inside with her, as she would have to report this incident to the police.  I couldn’t believe she was going to have me arrested for shoplifting instead of giving me a warning!  I had never stolen in my life!

I spent a few hours in  jail before my Dad arrived to bail me out.  He said that he had already contacted a Myrtle Beach criminal defense lawyer for me and we have a consultation on Monday afternoon.  Once I got home, I did some research on the Myrtle Beach criminal defense lawyer that I would be meeting.   I felt better knowing that I would have an experienced criminal defense lawyer on my side.