South Carolina Federal Court Information

Federal Court Information for South Carolina:

As criminal defense attorneys with offices in Miami and Myrtle Beach, we represent individuals and corporations that have been indicted in South Carolina, Florida, Georgia and many other states. The following list of Federal Courts are where all indictments are filed for the District of South Carolina. We also represent clients in federal courts across the country via Pro Hoc Vice. This allows us to become the lawyer for a client at all times in several different states. Our criminal defense attorneys are ready to defend you in Charleston, Florence, Myrtle Beach, Columbia, Greenville, Aiken, Spartanburg, Orlando, Naples, Tampa, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Atlanta, Savannah, New York, Detroit and almost any jurisdiction in the country and abroad. We will travel outside the United States in order to defend our clients. From multi-defendant indictments to DUIs on federal land, we are there to fight for you.

Federal Court Locations For South Carolina:
1. Columbia
901 Richland Street in the Matthew J. Perry, Jr. Courthouse
2. Charleston
85 Broad Street in the Charleston Federal Courthouse
3. Florence
401 West Evans Street in the McMillan Federal Building
4. Greenville
300 East Washington Street in the Clement F. Haynsworth Federal Building
5. Anderson
314 South McDuffie Street in the G. Ross Anderson, Jr. Federal Building
6. Beaufort
1501 Bay Street in the Beaufort Federal Courthouse
7. Aiken
223 Park Avenue S. W. in the Charles E. Simons Jr. Federal Courthouse
8. Spartanburg
201 Magnolia Street in the Donald S. Russell Courthouse