Weeks later the murder trial continues for Aaron Hernandez

Federal criminal lawyer discusses the murder trial of the New England Patriots Aaron Hernandez. For months Hernandez has been under investigation for orchestrating the death of Odin Lloyd a semi-pro football player. According to Fox Sports, on the evening of June 16, 2013, Hernandez and his two associates Carlos Ortiz and Ernest Wallace drove to the Dorchester section of Boston and picked up Odin Lloyd in a silver Nissan Altima at 2:33 am.

Minutes after Lloyd was picked up he quickly texted his sister, Olivia Thibou, to make sure she knew who he was with just in case something bad happened. At approximately 3:23 am the cameras of an industrial park caught the silver Nissan Altima enter a secluded area surrounded by woods and mounds of dirt, gravel and asphalt. Minutes later an employee of a nearby business was sitting in his truck, on a lunch break, and what he heard was described as three gunshots and then a car door slamming, the Nissan then left the area. According to the Hernandez’s home surveillance cameras, the Nissan Altima arrived at Hernandez’s home at 3:30 am, Hernandez was driving, Wallace was in the front passenger seat, and Ortiz was in the rear driver’s-side seat. Where was Lloyd?

Lloyd’s body was discovered that next morning by a jogger and immediately the jogger called 911. Responding officers concluded that Lloyd had been shot several times, and they found five .45-caliber shell casings, two sets of keys to a black Chevrolet Suburban with Rhode Island plates, a phone and a driver’s license identifying the man as Odin L. Lloyd. Detectives contacted Enterprise Rent-A-Car at T.F. Green Airport outside Providence, R.I., and learned that the black Chevrolet Suburban was rented to Hernandez. The detectives ran a computer check on Hernandez’s driver’s license and discovered that his home is about 1.2 miles from the murder scene. At around 10:30 am the detectives from North Attleboro Police Department arrive at Hernandez’s home, Hernandez was then questioned about the black suburban and he told them that he let his friend Odin use it. They began trying to question him and he quickly went inside locked the door behind him and called his Criminal defense attorney. Days later the investigation continued and more and more evidence pointed to Hernandez.

On June 26, 2013, Hernandez was arrested for the murder of Odin Lloyd. After months of multiple investigations a grand jury indicted Hernandez on one count of murder and on five weapons charges. The murder charge and one of the weapons counts are based on the killing of Lloyd; the other four weapons charges are the result of the rifle, magazine and ammunition found during a search of Hernandez’s house on June 22, 2014. The murder trial began on January 29, 2015, with both the prosecution and defense laying out their opening arguments before the jury in Fall River.  Prosecutors have not said who pulled the trigger but said Hernandez orchestrated the killing. Ortiz and Wallace have pleaded not guilty and will be tried separately.  As the trial continues more and more evidence is being presented and people are testifying in court, but they still cannot prove who shot Odin Lloyd. According to U.S. News, Defense attorney Michael Fee’s opening statement was that Hernandez is an innocent man. “Aaron never had a chance,” Fee said. “They locked on Aaron and they targeted him.” He said the evidence would show that Hernandez did not kill Lloyd and did not ask anyone to do so. He said authorities could offer no motive for the killing.


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