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Our criminal defense lawyers in South Carolina are experienced in state and federal courts.  We also have extensive experience in handling appeals at the state and federal level.   The purpose of this site is to provide you with information related to our Criminal Lawyers.  This site contains information related to our representation in the trial and appellate courts.  The majority of our criminal defense cases are in federal court.  We have experience in every federal court in South Carolina and in several courts in the United States and abroad.  Many of our clients are facing federal indictments for the first time and are in dire need of good competent advice.  There are many criminal lawyers in South Carolina, but few have experience in the federal system.  Our office not only has vast experience at the district court level, but also at several Circuit Courts, litigating appeals for our clients.  We have conducted many federal trials in the District courts.  As any good defense lawyer, we take pride in our work and have had great success over the years.  Our lead criminal defense lawyer



(RECENT CASES in Federal and State Court)

Federal court is not for the novice or inexperience criminal defense attorney. Being charged with a crime is an unpleasant experience and in federal court there can be no mistakes in the representation.  There is more at stake than going to jail.  Your career, your family and your future could all be riding in the balance of a criminal case.  Fighting for your freedom is difficult in the best of times, this is even more true in our federal and state courts today. In Myrtle Beach there is no federal court.  Residents of the Grand Strand are faced with traveling to either Florence or the Federal Court in Charleston.   Many arrests occur every year in state and federal court related to drug possession and distribution.  We have drug defense lawyers in Myrtle Beach that handle these types of charges in state and federal court.


Our Criminal Defense Lawyer in Myrtle Beach, SC- Russell Warren Mace III has been practicing criminal defense since 1997.  Traveling to jurisdictions across the country and outside the United States to defend individuals and companies from the government is a daunting experience that most attorneys do not participate in on a regular basis.  Federal defense attorney Russell Mace recently has conducted several criminal trials in Charleston, South Carolina.  There are good federal criminal defense lawyers in Charleston and our firm affiliates with these attorneys in Charleston when several defendants are involved.

Having spent years dedicated to criminal defense in Miami, the firm has grown to a point where only select cases are handled because of the time involved in representing each client.  With the addition of law offices in Charleston, South Carolina, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and New York much time is spent traveling to federal jurisdictions throughout the United States.

He started his legal career as an intern at the Miami Public Defender Office in 1996 and was an Assistant Public Defender for several years in Miami, Florida. As a Public Defender in Miami, trial experience was a daily event.  Mr. Mace represented clients ranging from juvenile cases to murder.  Mr. Mace has been practicing Criminal Defense for over 14 years prior to opening the latest office in New York.  Miami is one of the largest legal communities in the United States and Mr. Mace was selected as one of the best criminal defense lawyers in the State in 2007.  Mr. Mace has argued before appellate courts and has conducted over 100 trials to verdict.  Mr. Mace prefers defending federal indictments in districts all over the United States and in some cases outside of the country.   Practicing criminal defense in different areas of the country has allowed Mr. Mace to gain invaluable experience with several government agencies from the Federal Bureau of Investigation to the Drug Enforcement Administration.  Each prosecuting branch has a different view on which crimes should be prosecuted  to the fullest degree.  Recently in South Carolina fraud indictments are the primary concern for the Justice Department and Mr. Mace is an experienced criminal defense lawyer for these types of indictments. Defending white collar crime cases has become a major area of practice for the firm with the economic down turn in recent years.

After having successfully represented several hundred clients as a Miami Public Defender, Mr. Mace was hired by a civil law firm in Boca Raton, Florida, where he began fighting large insurance companies. Tackling the civil arena was exciting, but Mr. Mace had a strong desire to return to criminal defense. Mr. Mace opened his own firm in Miami Beach in 2002.   In 2008 another office was opened in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.    In 2010 the firm opened a criminal defense office in Charleston, South Carolina.  Mr. Mace is  our criminal defense lawyer in Charleston and spends a great amount of time defending federal cases in Charleston  This office allows the firm to represent clients all over the State of South Carolina.  The latest office in in New York and serves as a satellite office for cases in the Southern District of New York and cases in the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.  Mr. Mace is our federal defense lawyer in New York.  Mr. Mace has been appointed to the Federal Criminal Justice Administration panel for Charleston, Florence and Columbia, South Carolina.  The panel is dedicated to defending individuals indicted in Federal Courts throughout South Carolina.  Mr. Mace had previously been a member of the panel for the Southern District of Florida.  This panel covered federal cases in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Palm Beach, and Key West.  Mr. Mace represents clients and companies throughout the United States and internationally with a focus on federal criminal defense.  Mr. Mace also represents clients on federal appeals throughout the United States.  This appellate work enables Mr. Mace in improve his ability to defendant indictments at the trial level.


  • Member of United States Supreme Court
  • Member of United States District Court for the Southern District of New York (Manhattan)
  • Member of United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York (Brooklyn)
  • Member of the Second Circuit Court of Appeals (New York, NY)
  • Member of Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals (Richmond, VA)
  • Member of Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals (Atlanta, GA)
  • Member of the United States Southern District Court, Miami
  • Member of the United States Eastern District Court, Detroit
  • Member of the United States District Court, South Carolina
  • Member of The Criminal Justice Act Panel, South Carolina
  • Prior Member of The Criminal Justice Act Panel, South District, Florida
  • Member of the Federal Bar Association
  • Member of New York Bar
  • Member of Florida Bar
  • Member of Georgia Bar
  • Member of South Carolina Bar
  • Member of Charleston Bar Association
  • Member of National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys
  • Member of South Carolina Criminal Defense Lawyer Association
  • 2007 voted one of top 25 Criminal Defense Attorneys in Florida
  • Over 100  cases tried to verdict
  • Adjunct Professor of Criminal Justice: College of Charleston

Nicole Elizabeth Nicolette

We have a great Federal and State Appellate Attorney in South Carolina who has filed briefs in federal courts throughout the United States. Nicole Elizabeth Nicolette started working with the firm in June of 2004 while she was finishing her second year of law school.  Ms. Nicolette has passed the bar exam in South Carolina, Florida and Georgia.  She is a member of several state bar associations and the Federal Courts for South Carolina and Florida.  She has argued before the Fourth Circuit on numerous occasions in just the past year alone. She has written habeas petitions to state and federal appellate courts on criminal cases in several jurisdictions.  She has filed direct appeals in Florida and South Carolina State Courts, The United States Supreme Court, The Eleventh Circuit (Georgia, Florida, Alabama) and the Fourth Circuit which covers South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia.  She has won several appeals on new issues and given clients the ability to file ineffective assistance of counsel motions that the courts will actually review.

Ms. Nicolette is our federal appellate attorney based out of Myrtle Beach, SC and is an extremely talented legal writer, who in just a short period of time has completed several briefs to the State and Federal Appellate Courts.  Ms. Nicolette has filed several appellate briefs in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta, Georgia and in the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virgina.  A great deal of her time is spent working with clients on their appeals and on preserving appellate issues at the trial level.  She has written dozens of federal appeals and state appeals.  Winning a case on appeal is very difficult and takes a tremendous amount of time dedicated to researching the law and reviewing the case at the trial level.  Having a federal appellate attorney in a criminal defense firm is crucial.  No criminal defense attorney can properly handle both the trial and the appeal.



  • Member of United States Supreme Court
  • Member of Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals
  • Member of Criminal Justice Act for the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals
  • Member of Florida Bar
  • Member of Florida Supreme Court
  • Member of Georgia Bar
  • Member of South Carolina Bar
  • Member of United States District Court for South Carolina
  • Numerous State and Federal Appeals filed and argued per year

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Our criminal defense lawyers are available for a consultation regarding any federal or state indictment. If you or a friend or family member is in need of a criminal defense lawyer in Myrtle Beach, Florence, Charleston, Conway, Georgetown or any federal court, do not hesitate to call our office and speak to one of our attorneys today.   For more information about our qualifications defending clients in federal court, please call or email our office.

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